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Drawing the winner!!
Burger night underway
Whai and Pat on the grill
Maggie and Melissa preparing
Burger Night crew 2016
Hawaiian Muffin
Snacking on the job!!
Full House!
Muffin and coffee for $7
Nadine our artist
Another work of art
Finished product
Least we forget!!
Blueberry, lemon supreme cake
Not al creations work out
New mixer! Just fits
Our Coke team
It's a family affair today
Apple custard scrolls
Beautiful artwork
Our sweet painted lady
Beautiful sunrise
Two Sweet painted lady burgers
Our hot chocolate
Christmas time!
Laffare coffee!!
Nadine making coffee for you
One of the first paintings
St. Pattys day
Whai and Abby
Mass production!!
Ginger Kiss Muffins
Chocolate caramel muffins
Our Very Own Donuts
Goodbye Abby!!!!
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